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HIST 215
Judith Szapor

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Hist 215 Feb 28 From Congress Europe to the Revolutions of 1848Introduction and ReviewIndustrialization urbanization rise of middle class and prosperity vs urban and rural poverty exploitation child labour erosion of traditional frame of life famine emigration of millions to AmericaRestoration vs revolutionary stirringsConservatism vs LiberalismReaction to the social question of early capitalism liberalism AND socialismLegacy of French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars Liberalism AND Nationalism o His wars awakened nationalisman ideology that paired with liberal principles or in itself had a different promise to unite all members of society in the brotherhood of a nations state with or without regard for the social problem Became the most prominent force had a very receptive audience Socialism rooted in original ideas of enlightenmentfr responded to the same social problemsenormous inequality reinforced or created by industrial revolution Advocated more liberal changes Theories of early socialists provid
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