HIST 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Serbian Nationalism, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, July Crisis

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March 9, 2015
World War One
“Between History and Commemoration”
This song “Waltzing Matilda” showed how soldiers lived and what they went
through during the war. This song also shows that there were no more people left
from this world and this also explains why WWI has become such an important
Commemoration: are important for historians because official state holders see a
political interest in the commemorations, therefore they are willing to pay
historians and anthropologists to do the research, instead of just doing a budget cut.
Newfoundland monument on the Western front: The whole Newfoundland regiment
was decimated in the battle here in Gallipoli. Many of their dead had died in
Gallipoli. In the beginning, the Canadian embassy was not interested in the
Newfoundlers because they were not Canadians during WWI, they were part of the
empire at the time and they only became Canadians in 1949.
WWI: World impact and total war
WWI interesting as a historical topic because it has a world impact, because
troops around the world moved around the world and fought in different
places. (Ex. Newfoundlers came and fought in Gallipoli)
oThese people had to be nourished while they were there with
Argentinian meat and Canadian wheat that was travelling all around
and ended up here.
1st or 2nd Total War: All of society was impacted by the world efforts through
different means
WWI takes place between the central powers (Germany, Austria, Hungary)
They were against triple entente Alliances: Great Britain, France and Russia
and important aspect were to get other countries to join in one or the other
Two major fronts: Western Front and Eastern Front
5 key questions on the even of the contrary
Why did the war break out?
oThe July crisis
The war breaks out because of the July crisis. What happens is
the archduke of Hungary and his wife are assassinated by the
Serbian nationalist. This assignation will lead progressively to
the declaration of War between Austria-Hungary to Serbian.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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