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McGill University
HIST 223
Allan Greer

HIST 223 Sept 24 2012  Some indigenous groups die out (Taiga) others continue  Sp and the Indiginous begin making mixed children – along with slaves from Africa who also become part of the human landscape  From conquest to Colonization o Spanish Crown tries to establish government, courts, etc. o The missionary enterprise” convert the Indians o Control mines, commerce o “New Laws” 1542: no Indian slavery; limits on encominda o “Indians”” protection and regulated exploitation  number of exceptions that are allowed o Ideal of “racial segregation: Spaniards and Indians o Attempts to Christianize but they are never Christian enough o Reality fo growing mestizo population o Tribute: payment in token of subjection o Labour service The Protest of Guaman poma de Ayala A native interpreter and traveler commenting on life before and after the Spanish Conquest of the Andes  Scholars are particularily interested when they come across the rare documentation from Natives – this document was a letter that was written by a man in the Andes, but not of Inca enthnicity  Someone who was born under the inca empire his name is el reino del asindias o By birth a high status native person but seems to have been born only a few years before the conquest – was only a small child when the sp took over o Learned the Spanish and Quichewa language (dominate indian language) and is literate o He is a translator and interpretor o Travels through andes region  “The First Chronicle of Good Government” o sees good government as having sever decipline but being just and benevolent – o the messengers: Chasqui. They were a good family and famous for their loyalty. Wore a bonnet of white feathers so they could be seen by other messengers – trumpets to alert the next runner they were coming o Bookeeper/accountant/treasurer’ – knots in the ropes to mark things (Quipu) o After several hundred pages we get to an account of the Spanish o Pizzaro and del amagro were the men in charge (picture)  Stirred from wealth and adventure, dreamed about it  They thought they had treasure in their powers, the way that cats keep mice in their paws  Lost their fear of death in their greed for riches  All of them ate together like brothers, only one was in command, dark eyes and he would shout and they would obey orders, they had white teeth and wool around the bottom of their faces  In incas social order this would have been unthinkable  First picture of action is SP burning Inca houses  Revolt of incas 1536 image where Spaniards are defeated  Then we get to the Life under Spanish rule section of the book  Publicly punishing, floggin
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