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Lecture 5

HIST 249 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Menstruation, Hippocratic Oath, Miasma TheoryPremium

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HIST 249
Faith Wallis

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Not a lot of medical ethics in the Hippocratic oath
There are short essays about professional etiquette
Pollution and Purification
What causes pollution (miasma)?
Contact with birth
Contact with death
What does pollution mean?
Temporary exclusion from the sanctuary
Therefore temporary inability to offer prayer to the god
What purifies (katharsis)?
Time (usually a short interval)
Water, change of clotting
Kathartic is a kind of drug that expels things from your body (makes you
vomit, etc)
Hippocratic oath emphasises the family relationship among doctors
Hippocratic Oath
Swear to Gods to bring this oath to fulfillment
Power and judgement come up over and over again in the oath (very important
for a doctor)
Doctor has power vis a vis his patients and in the art himself (it gives him
power) and he must exercise judgement (must not misuse that power)
Divine Medical Guild he is swearing in front of
First part of the oath is a contract of association
Contract of apprenctice-ship
Adopting himself into the family of his teacher and adopting his teacher as his
father and his teachers children as his siblings and won't charge them a fee
Use regimen to help treat the ill and use judgement to keep them from being
Ex: diet
Won't be an accessory to a crime
Suicide in the ancient world wasn't necessarily a crime or a shame
Will not give women an abortion
Abortion and infanticide was not uncommon and regarded as criminal in
the ancient world provided you were a man (in charge of the women
having the baby - father or husband could order abortion)
Will not do surgery because if they fail it affects the reputation of the doctor
(must leave this to a specialist)
Lecture 5 -Hippocrates
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
1:04 PM
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