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McGill University
HIST 303
Jarrett Rudy

LECTURE ONE Native Lands and the French Empire September sixthIn the past discussing empires referred to a study of the victors It was about a group of people sent by god on a divine mission to settle New France When these people arrived here they found a land filled with nobody The Native peoples disappeared as part of the natural course of how god saw this land developing according to these explorers It was hoped that the Natives would disappear since they were not Catholic Some people looked more critically at the empire and would portray Natives as people who lived peacefully with the world as well as with each other These Natives were thought to not change over time Europeans were thought to have destroyed the perfect land that was there before they arrived Spain goes to war against the Aztecs and through the use of biological weapons wipes out their population All of these stereotypes get challenged in reality modernity and through more researchNew France was largely colonized through a complex system of alliances withNative peoples This was not always the goal of the French but in the end this waswhat they settled for Not many resources were put into colonization efforts so that the alliances were needed to ensure that New France could expand The retreat of the last ice age left many nomadic hunters and fishers to occupy the land 3000 years ago the climate stabilized in the St Lawrence Valley which led to farming in this area The first language family for the native peoples is the Inuit the second is the Algonquian Mic
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