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HIST 304
Lorenz Martin Luthi

IR History Cold War April 10 2012Lecture End of the Cold War in Europe How Gorby influenced Communism in Eastern Europe1Eastern Europe in the late 1980sasee powerpoint for leaders name iBulgaria Romania Czech and GDR all had harsh regimes Except for Czech their economies were declining in the 1980s 1Bulgaria came to power due to powersharing agreement Longest serving leader of the group He was able to keep dissident down He also pretended to do reformsain comparison to Greece they were doing much worst Greece was on the incline after 1945 bhe realized that his time was ending and he played the nationalist card 1988 Blamed the minority and were portrayed as traitors Muslims choice convert or leave to Turkey Many of them would return after the fall but many of them would still remain secondclass citizens ithe nationalist card did change much in the country 2Romania the most repressive system after GDR Ran by Ceausescu and his wife Little education but he was with the Communist from the beginning When Dej died he took over even though being the youngest one He would be able to stand up to the Soviets nationalist issueamid 1960s it was pretty liberal and stood up to the Soviets actions in Czech b1970s many speaker and was UGLY He seriously lacked leadership qualitiescmid 1980s There was a personality cult similar to North Korea of today Economic decline because of the borrowing of Western money in the 1970s These factories which were bought never took off they didnt have the suppliers and in the 1970s and early 1980s interest of loans increase iHe decides that Romania needs to repay the loans which leads to decline of living standards No foreign debt but at a high social costdno opposition He goes after nonorthodox Christians The Church always lined up with politicseHe and his wife were hated 3Czechoslovakia after Prague Spring there was a political normalization and there wasnt that much repression Dissidents from Prague were not sent to prison but job wise demoted They pretended that Prague Spring never happened aleader Husak and the successor regime were not hardline and they knew that to keep the people happy just provide everyday life needs It never borrowed and in the 1980s their economy was doing well for the Eastern European standards balways a binational country Mixed together with the Habsburg Empire Slovaks always left that they had the worst part of the deal Czechs have dominated Soviets refashion and Slovakia gets more power They transferred power from federal government to sub government and they were the winners of Prague Spring cCzechs were the losers and they completely disconnected with politics country houses connect with nature etc They basically created a separate sphere political escapism
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