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HIST 304
Lorenz Martin Luthi

IR History Cold WarApril 12 2012Lecture 26 German Reunification and the End of the Soviet Union 1GermanGerman Reunification 1990atwo elements ipressure from the street and economic collapse of the GDR bwith the fall of the wall 14 of the population visit West Germany but dont flee Largely due that the Wall would stay open and there wasnt a need cHonecker was forced to resign and Krenz in power ihe wrote a damning speech how the GDR for the last 45 years Parliament finally took legislative power and elected a new PM Modron dthe party are trying to shake events but it is the opposite The people want reform and the lower Party members go after the Party The party dissolved the Party eventually isome of the young form another party which takes up many of the assets of the old partyeRevolution driven by street and economic The GDR was bankrupted and rotten however the prof says that the state was not bankrupt iit was able to reduce its foreign debt because it sold off assets and they didnt invest in any new infrastructure In 1980s they had the option go bankrupt or go rotten iievidence that the GDR leadership didnt understand how much debt they had Not all debt for short term either 400 to banks around the World 1it took 10 years for the West German bank to figure it out and solve it 2They had concluded that the state was bankrupt which they tell the Soviets and the West Germans They were both shocked hence why the Soviets werent going to fight over the GDR fUnification was prepared quickly as structures collapse and round table emerged under the
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