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HIST 332
Judith Szapor

History class January 28th For assignment upload primary source on my courses discussion board, but the assignment will be uploaded in the assignment Dropbox thingy on my courses (pretty straightforward) Women and citizenship (part 1) from the enlightenment to the end of the 19th century 1st thing (textbook) we would expect that the chapter dealing with women in politics would be one of the first chapters because we usually think of women in politics are progress. What we find is politics chapter is number 7 which suggest that the authors either don't think that politics is so important or that they think other things are more political than actual involvement Women and politics introduction Historiography against a Whig history of women's rights and politics -3 alternate ways to narrate women and politics: 1-exceptional women in positions in power examples? 2-broad definitions of politics (beyond the formal institution of gov) 3-even wider definition of politics "to include anything in society to do with power relations" Politics as we usually define it is very narrow Whig history is continuous progress (views everything as progress yesterday is worst than today but today is worst than tomorrow) that is not the history of women in Europe because there's setbacks, backlashes, etc but there is also progress (not as simple) 1. This narrative assumes that the exceptional women represent all women. 2. Looking at women involvement before the votes, such as salons, women's clubs during the French revolution, during the first two years of the French revolution women could attend and participate in the courts, american historians look at church groups. because they educated groups of women the mechanics of political life ( educated themselves by experience in politics, usually it was their children who were involved in the women's rights movement) 3. Teacher talked about golden globes presented by two women( which is cause for celebration because they were funny and proved women comedian can be as women as men) and also when Bill Clinton comes up and gets introduced as the "husband as Hillary Clinton" because women are usually linked as only the wife to presidents.... another examples would be the conversations in the salons or participations in riots. More current example would be during the Arab Spring, more women participating but there was a flip side of (tw rape) some of the women involved were raped (shows a lack of progress narrative) Conceptual framework "that have spurned and sometimes constrained research" (Karen hunt 217) -separate spheres was useful for awhile but was quite limiting. There was the public and private spheres viewed men being public, but women as being private because they were viewed mainly as being in the house. This concept is based on the European experience, very neat. Danger because it can constrain research -women's agency. Agency means you are actively participating in your own faith, it's in your own hands not just leaving it alone. women viewed as the masters of their own faith, but historians would find that agency existed beforehand -equality vs difference feminism. Talk about in conferences -citizenship: more broadly defined than political rights. More than just political rights, definition is (footnote textbook) political status. A more complex definition of your rights, not just political, but within your community and state. Saudi Arabia in 2014 women will be allowed to vote but are they full citizens? They don't have the right to drive a car (not political) but still a right. So therefore they are not full citizens -political "space"-more inclusive than "sphere" 3 historical events that shaped women's citizenships 1. Enlightenment (Goodman 260) -gave women and men a language in which to articulate thei
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