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HIST 350
Kristin Lord

HIST350 Science and the Enlightenment Readings Full References and Links In Order Assigned PorterThe Cambridge History of Science vol 4 EighteenthCentury Science ed Roy Porter Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2003 McL Q125 C323 2003 httpuniversitypublishingonlineorgcambridgehistoriesebookjsfbidCBO9781139053549 PART ONE NATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND PUBLIC SCIENCE Read Hankins Science and the Enlightenment chaps 1 3 and 2 pp 180 across all of Part One Steven Shapin What was known in The Scientific Revolution Chicago University of Chicago Press 1996 1664 Newton extracts from Philosophical writings ed A Janiak Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2004 PSE B1299 N32 E5 2004 httpwwwmyilibrarycomid75000 alt link httplibmyilibrarycomproxy1librarymcgillcaOpenaspxid75000pp 8793 extracts from the Principia including rules and the General Scholium of 1713 edn 114117 letter to editor 12326 account of the book entitled Commercium epistolicum 127131 from the Queries to the Optics Betty Jo Teeter Dobbs and Margaret C Jacob Newton and the Culture of Newtonianism Atlantic Highlands NJ Humanities Press 1995 6595 J Gascoigne Ideas of nature natural philosophy in Porter 285304 Voltaire Letters concerning the English nation 1733 letter 14 On Des Cartes and Sir Isaac Newton httpwwwfordhameduHalsallmod1778voltairenew
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