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Lecture 16

HIST 351 Lecture 16: 4-4-2017 Demographics and Digital Politics

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McGill University
HIST 351
Leonard Moore

Demographics and the Digital Age Immigration 1965 Law and Before -Until the 1920s there was open immigration -Chinese were the only group singled out early on -1920s laws written in a racialized, White supremacist fashion -With little to no debate, 1920s restrictions vanished -There were less than a million Asians then, now there are nearly 20 million Groups -South Asians grew in prominence -Iranians moved to Southern California Mexicans -Generally a loophole existed for this group -Had various complexities because of how long some Hispanics were rooted in the US and how assimilation worked -Latino population continues to grow Xenophobia -Began in large part against Germans who were seen as lazy and alcoholic, and thus threats to US culture -Led into prohibitionist attempts -Anti-Catholicism was a HUGE force in US society, especially in the writing of the 1920s immigration laws -Catholics would listen to the pope before the US -Antisemitism flared up too against immigrants -For the most part of history, these fears have been baseless -Assimilation tends to occur naturally with the second generation Muslims -Have very long roots in the US in many cases going back to 1965 -Americanize as well as anybody -Nativism against Muslims is totally baseless Pluralism -Going towards a period where Whites will be the minority -The numbers are changing Internal Migration Urbanization -Small town America is dying out -People are moving to expanding urban areas -Cities have been the centers of cosmopolitan cultural values and new pluralism -Southern historians point out that the South is no longer uniformly red -Cities attract immigrants from inside the US and outside too -Because of political structures, this has exacerbated a red-blue divide between rural and urban areas -Rural areas feel shoved aside -Drug addiction and the opiod crisis have afflicted rural areas especially -One of the most important indicators which does have an influence on civil rights, has been the decrease in life expectancy among blue collar males, which is an outlier -Nearly every group sees increases in life expectancy, not decreases -No group ever sees this usually -Growing rates of suicide, alcoholism, and drug addiction -Making a living and surviving is difficult, which has stimulated a deep anger and sense of backlash -The population feels pushed aside Inequality -After WWII the US had a golden age for the middle class and social mobility -This pattern has since reversed Backlash LGBT/Religious Liberty Laws -Feeling of violation of religious freedom -Put into practice where Republicans have been given power -These religious right voters tend to vote more often -Tend to be more suburban, middle class, and religious -Allow legal discrimination against LGBTQ Americans under the pretext of religious freedom Gay Referenda -GOP in 2004 and years following attempted to place anti-LGBT ballot initiatives up for votes -To fire up the base and inspire religious voters to support George Bush Abortion Laws -The tactic has been to regulate abortion clinics to death -Add building code and facility/care requirements that are totally unnecessary -Make it impossible for PP and other clinics to operate -Skirts Roe v. Wade decision’s parameter -Court threw out some of these rules in Texas Birth Control Battles -Whether or not companies should have to provide birth control -Basic tenet of women’s health in the US, and we thought this was a done deal -Has led to off-the-wall debates Gun Control -Hardening by the NRA of various anti-gun control efforts -End to the assault rifle ban Stand Your Ground -Pushed by Conservatives and the NRA -Based on the principle of gun owners feeling besieged -If they feel like they’re in danger they can shoot Black Rights Today New Developments in Tech -Allows the exposure of discrimination and the planning of protests against it -New forms of documentation and communication to rally around -Especially showed how young people can mobilize Trayvon Martin -George Zimmerman stalked Trayvon and started an altercation -He then shot and killed Trayvon -Went viral and became a huge issue -Led to Black Lives Matter and a general outrage -Internet gave a new channel to organize and demonstrate validity of historical claims of violence by White society and the police -Has soared over the last 3-4 years -Cases are taken up with outrage online Tamir Rice -12 years old -In Ohio, killed from a distance for carrying a toy gun Walter Scott -Charleston, SC -Running away from the cops and shot in the back Terrence Crutcher -Shot with his hands up -Wasn’t “moving fast enough to lie down” Some Other Guy (Migrant Worker) -Had an emotional disturbance and broke down -Ran away from police and was shot and killed Sandra Bland -Pulled over -Found dead in a jail cell mysteriously Laquan McDonald -Had some kind of emotional issue and ran away from police -Shot from afar, claiming that he had a knife Philando Castile -Went for his ID, was seen as going for a gun and killed Michael Brown -Ferguson, MO, 2014 -Ran away, got shot, turned around, and was shot again -Officer claimed he was charging
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