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Lecture 8

HIST 351 Lecture 8: 2-21-2017 Women's Movement

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HIST 351
Leonard Moore

Women’s Movement (add notes here from missed class) Employment -Women generally returned to households but some blue-collar women stayed in the workforce and others entered job fields dominated by women -Women find themselves running into brick walls Social Status -Because women took such a strong role in the war, especially working in factories, It became harder to argue that they were inferior -Education was becoming more available to women -By slamming the door in the face of women, hypocrisy was shown Betty Freidan -Published the Feminine Mystique in 1963 -In the envelope of women who pushed for advancement in the 1930s and 1940s -Considered herself a socialist back then -Went to Smith, then Berkley, and dropped out to get married -Moved to the suburbs to raise a family and felt banished -Felt like her role was narrowly confined -Called this identity crisis/angst a “problem with no name” -Argues that women should not be confined to motherhood, but that they should have opportunity Political Reform -Kennedy had passed the Equal Pay Act and made a couple of commissions to discover more about the status of women -Sex was prohibited as a class for discrimination in 1964 Griswold Case -Came early on, predating Roe v Wade -Control over the body became a central issue -Sex ed and birth control were very contentious issues -Even human anatomy books were censored -Planned Parenthood challenges a Connecticut law that banned any use of birth control -Decision based in the idea that people had the right to make this choice -Right to privacy cobbled together by Warren from the constitution -Relied on many “rights” and delivered a monumental discussion Other Milestones -National Organization for Women (NOW) -Betty Freidan and other top feminists start this in 1966 -Equal Employment Commission starts focusing on women in 1967 -In 1969 California passes a no fault divorce law Our Bodies, Ourselves -Published by a Boston health organization -Became a Bible of the women’s movement -Focused on women’s health, which was often shut out of the medical and educational fields -To let women become more educated about their bodies and health MS Magazine -Gloria Steinem started this in 1972 -Fairly successful ERA and Other Legal Steps -Made it through Congress finally and went to the states for ratification -ERA flies through a number of states and looks
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