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Lecture 8

Lecture 8: The Parliament

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HIST 383
Brian Cowan

Lecture 8 Patriarchy the Social OrderProfessor Brian CowanDate Sept 21 2011Parliament transformation in the role of the monarchy and the importance of the household transformation in the role of Parliament liberal democracies such as UK Canada Parliament is where real matters of state are settled we confuse the Parliaments of early modern era with modern Parliament today House of Commons members are elected democratically the will of the majority is reflected in the composition of Parliament elected on a regular basis every 5 years minimum competing political parties compete in Parliament majority party calls all the shots Parliament is always in session government should meet regularly expectation to reside in London as you will be participating regularly in meetings very different institutions House of Lords was the more prestigious chamber now is very ceremonial but then it was supreme hereditary seats now becoming more like a senate with hereditary seats abolished peers of the realm or they were spiritual peers bishops by virtue of their office bishops could sit in the House of Lords the only meritocracy within British system at time was within the ch
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