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Lecture 4: Patriarchy, the Social Order

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HIST 383
Brian Cowan

Lecture 4 Patriarchy the Social OrderProfessor Brian CowanDate Sept 12 2011Social Inequality1776 Declaration of Independence in USA right of the people to abolish a government if the government is not up to snuff not the same thing in Britain men women and children only experienced the structure inequality king at the top peers deferred to king women to husbands servants to masters gentry to the aristocracy duty to follow their place in social order it was not supposed to be tyrannical ideal of the social order was the the patrons or superiors would take care of those in their care king acts as father of country take care of everyone in his country twoway system government of the kingdom or household was not the product of the informed consent of the people Renaissance notion of a great chain of being the conscious abolition of such a social order and renounce authority this was incomprehensible the Age of Thomas Jefferson new ways of imagining social order and values a new thing to aspi
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