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Lecture 6

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Brian Lewis

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Lecture 6: Ireland Ireland did not have a separate parliament in he 19thC Act of union 1701 abolished their parliament Attempt to bring it back Young Ireland and other groups sought a complete separation from Britain Others more practical, want to reestablish home rule Daniel O'Connell Charles Stuart Parnell Galvanized the bulk of Irish voters behind home rule platform Produced block of 85 MPSs Gladstone twice introduced home rule bills Divided in HoC The second rejected by HoL National consciousness being forged around Catholicism Protestants concentrated in Ulster and Belfast wanted to maintain the union with GB Industry really only developing around Belfast Anglo-Irish war prep began when Parnell fell from power establishment of the Celtic Literary Society and the Gaelic Sport League anglophobia Catholicism Irish Parliamentary Party reunited by John Redmond get as much out of a system as possible third home rule bill introduced 1912, to be law by 1914 b/c end of veto of the HoL BUT more radical groups growing out of opposition to the South African War using anti-imperialist arguments Arthur Griffith organization "Ourselves or Our Own Thing" bridge b/w cultural nationalism and revolutionary nationalism that came later Ulster Protestants were beginning to form private armies in case of home rule nationalist agenda still being set by Irish Parl. Party and Redmond Irish divisions Redmond reject partition and home rule in Dublin while keeping Ulster part of UK doesn't want to firmly divide Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants (Irish unity) wants complete emancipation with ALL of Ireland unionist leader Sir Edward Carson never will he accept home rule parl. in Ire. it would be disastrous to the material well-being of Ulster, subversive of their civil and rel. freedom defend for themselves their cherished position of equal citizenship in the UK using all means to defeat the conspiracy to set up home rule WWI with each side having military organizations ready, the potential for civil war was very real in 1914 post-poned b/c the outbreak of WWI home rule bill passed September 1914 suspended for the duration of the war Redmond offered full support for war effort pledged Irish volunteers would support war effort wherever needed, not just to protect Ireland split the movement Nationalist Volunteers Irish Volunteers early indication of shift of some nationalist sentiment away from Redmond perceived slights to Irish national pride the sense from the Br. that the Irish couldn't be trusted, stationing troops there passage of time assumed that the war would be "over by Christmas" home rule would only be briefly suspended… NOT coalition of liberal government 1915 unionists now in the cabinet, including Carson Redmond now no longer held important balancing position conscription not in 1916, like the rest of the UK BUT threat was forever present bolstered anti-war volunteers campaign run by Shin Feh Easter Rising 1916 intended to be with the help of German arms Sir Roger Casement organized shipment shipment intercepted by Br. rising centred on general post office, the centr
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