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Lecture 9

Lecture 9- Society and Culture in the Interwar Years.pdf

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HIST 386
Brian Lewis

1933 broadcaster Priestly went on a tour of the country identified 3 Englands picturesque, country village, inns and minstrels at its best, could not be improved "19thC England" the landscape produced by the extraction and manufacture of coal, iron, steel, cotton, and wool mills, foundries, work houses, slums, a devastated countryside found a green and pleasant land, and left a wilderness of dirty bricks "post-WWI England" suburban housing, bypass roads around towns, cinemas, dance halls, cafes pointed to the greater affluence of more people, but lacked character, flavour, and originality Nuclear Family nuclear family established as the norm average annual birthrate per 1000 was 28.2% down to 15% by 1932 growing knowledge of birth control techniques Dr. Marie Stokes published 2 books in 1918, "Married Love" and "Wise Parenthood" advocated family planning as a feature of a happy marriage won a libel action 1923 against Catholic doctor who accused her of experimenting on the poor National Birth Control Council, later the Family Planning Association set up a number of birth control clinics Church of England softened its opposition to contraception 1930 Ministry of Health allowed contraceptive advise to married women if further pregnancy would be detrimental to their health declined death rates of children fell by nearly 70% better nutrition, cheaper food
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