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Lecture 10

Lecture 10- Origins of WWII.pdf

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McGill University
HIST 386
Brian Lewis

Midterm IDs (10 minutes) choose 5 of 10 Essay (40 minutes) choose 1 of 2 Appeasement: German Revisionism fear of another world war is a product of Hitler's attempt to revise the Treaty of Versailles Treaty severely restricted size of Ger. armed forces demanding considerable financial reparations reducing the extent of German territory by forcing ethnic Germans to live in different nation states living space expansion to the East, at the expense of racially-inferior slavic peoples 1933 Ger. leaves League of Nations 1935 reveals existence of Ger. airforce + introduces conscription 1936 Ger. marched into demilitarized Rhineland 1937 Hitler meets with mil. aids Hospat Memoranda (Colonel Hospat kept the minutes) Hitler discusses mil. plans plans to manipulate international events 1938 invasion of Austria without resistance then proclaims the union of Germany and Austria appeasement policy in Br. and Fr. "Guilty Men" by Cato attacks appeasement policy only in 1939 did public outrage compel them to take a stand BUT little public or political support for foreign intervention until later reluctance to do anything that might jeopardize the peace pragmatic approach to dealing with foreign affairs Br. trade and empire best served by tranquility once their interests are threatened, the policy is abandoned policy of adjustment and accommodation want to
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