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Lecture 16

Lecture 16- Winds of Change.pdf

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McGill University
HIST 386
Brian Lewis

Summer 1963 call girl Christine Keeler and minister of war Profumo having affair she’s also involved with naval attache at Sov. hq in London sex security scandal PM MacMillan said he had to leave HoC b/c of lying handled it badly pol. touch deserted him showed long tory rule coming to an end press focused on the moral issue bad for image of establishment one nation toryism moderate form of conservatism conciliatory maintain levels of social welfare angry young men novelists, critics, artists anger ag. complacency economic growth not firmly grounded public spending curving upwards growth rates lagging behind other developed countries balance of payments was shaky self-doubt and decreasing morale “the Stagnant Society” book by Michael Shanks 1963 talks in depressed tones about Br. eco. performance vs. competitors blames ignorant industrial management recruited on old-boy networks instead of talent rigid work practices backward-looking employer setup that prevents innovation and development one of many books on the theme of What is wrong with Britain “Anatomy of Britain” by Anthony Sampson dissected governing institutions concluded that a small elite held the reigns of power most of them from similar class backgrounds, and Oxford or Cambridge education all part of elitist gentlemen clubs in London boom in social and political satire MacMillan resigned in 1963 because of ill health PM Home (pronounced Hume) considered unacceptable to have PM who wasn’t elected and couldn’t take part in debates in HoC because he was in the HoL gave up his peerage so he could be elected to Commons, because PM as Douglas Home discontent helps return Labour Party to power they WERE divided into two
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