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Lecture 17

Lecture 17- The Empire Strikes Back.pdf

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HIST 386
Brian Lewis

immigration from Empire into Britain Peter Cripotkin Russian anarchist refugee to Br. recounts his flight from Russia thankful to Br. for its tolerance no far right racist party in Br. has attracted more than token support compares favourably to much of continental Europe many in Br. (especially minorities and white liberals) who argued racism is deeply embedded in white Br. society great deal of opposition to black and asian immigration since WWII lots of emigration in last decade Jews around 450,000 in Br. in the mid-20thC dwindled slightly towards end of century not much post-war Jewish immigration only tiny fringe of anti-semites well represented in the professions, business, and politics tendency for them to become more conservative in political outlook Poles around 160,000 in 1951 census in Br. most arrived during or shortly after war fought for Br. and allies during the war small Polish communities established largely integrated and invisible by end of century gov’t welcomed them b/c of labour shortages recruited also EVW European Volunteer Workers ppl uprooted by war more Poles arrived in UK in very recent years since 8 new countries joined EU in May 2004 they have freedom of mobility across EU Irish around 600,000 born in Irish Republic in 1983 census largest group of post-war immigrants most prejudice is against Roman Catholics sectarian hatreds declined correspondingly BUT N. Ireland and Glasgow (has Prot. soccer team and Cath. team) have not been picked on as a problem in recent decades, so no restraints to immigration Chinese around 125,000 in 1980s post-war immigration from Hong Kong live in China Towns Black and Asian immigration since the war that has created a much more thoroughly multicultural country in Br. greeted by alarm in White population seen as a p
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