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HIST 386
Brian Lewis

 expansion of the service sector led to booms of employment in the tertiary sector of the economy (white collar jobs, white collar jobs, bureaucratic jobs) Urbanization:  1870, 2/3 of the pop still lived in rural areas or small towns  1914 ¾ lived in large towns or cities (largest urbanized population in the world)  London was the biggest city in the world with 7 million inhabitants  London had 20% of the pop of London and wales  basic layout of the cities: entertainment district surrounded by working class housing, surrounded by suburbs  overcrowding and living conditions in the city were appalling for many due to the rapid expansion and timid government intervention  urban contrast found at its most extreme in London “this great, foul city”  the core of London was divided into the west and east ends o west end was a center of consumption and leisure (swanky hotels, department stores, theatre district, national buildings) o east end lived 2 million Londoners, virtually all working class city. no hotels, resturants, universities, no great public buildings. sweat shops, overcrowding, slums, high death rate  the suburbs were being pushed out farther and farther as the cities grew and transportation services improved  world first underground railway opened in 1863 o steam trains  the suburbs were appealing due to their professionalism, and security  middle class suburbanites were well respected o tennis clubs is where you meet marriage partners o play and watch theatre o go to sea-side resorts, tours overseas etc o had live in household help
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