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Lecture: Social Structures: Rank, Honour, Privilege Part 1

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HIST 390
Margaret Carlyle

Lecture: Social Structures: Rank, Honour, Privilege Part 1 January 22, 2013 Population History • population of France ◦ 20 million • European Context • urban-rural demographics ◦ different economies ◦ rural ▪ agricultural ▪ subsistence ▪ food shortages ▪ majority of population was rural (90%) ◦ urban ▪ commercial, dynamic • death rate decline, birth rate increase • main production is textiles (woven-cloth) Concepts of Society • classic debate: ◦ society of classes vs. society of orders (status groups) ▪ three estates ◦ our terms vs. contemporary terms ▪ contemporary favour society of orders (corporative society) ◦ 1700-1790 French society changes anyway ◦ economic-based or honour-based? ▪ economic: free for any man or woman (meritocracy) ◦ what is social reality anyway? ▪ what you can expect from life, in terms of social comfort ◦ enough people had a stake in the classes to keep the status quo going Class Model • defined by Karl Marx • means of production are the core of the economy ◦ ownership of land ◦ capital ◦ access to labour • economic-based society • issues of false consciousness and consciousness-raising • people will by default want to wage a struggle to overcome inequalities once they are aware of them ◦ hence the Revolution • TODAY ◦ class as economic differences ◦ class as "aura" of the social and cultural ◦ Antonio de ◦ de jure vs. de facto Society of Orders Model • defined by Roland Mousnier • social d
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