INTD 200 Lecture Notes - Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Greenpeace

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Civil Society, NGOs, HR Defenders 12/5/12 1:19 AM
Warren Allmand
NGOs Make the system work
Assist with complaints
Help draft policies
Build a bridge between governments and citizens of the world
Raise issues governments won’t
Civil Society: a sum of all non family institutions which are autonomous and
independent of the state and capable of influencing public opinion
Trade Unions
Professional Organizations
Political Parties
Business Organizations??
What is the legal basis in international law? What gives NGOs legitimacy?
Charter of the UN: We the peoples of the United Nations
o Doesn’t we the governments//institutions
UDHR: preamble
o All peoples have the rights to do things to help people
Freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of
Article 71: economic and social council may make suitable
arrangements with NGO’s that are concerned with matter with in its
History of NGOs
1800’s: British and Foreign Anti-Slavery society of 1823
abolish slavery in Britain and the empire ! successful in 1838
still exist: Anti-Slavery International
Many kinds of NGO’s ! can be national, local or international
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Red Cross
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International Service for Human Rights
o Helps NGOs in Geneva
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
World Social Forum
o Brings together NGOs and Civil Society organizations to
counter the World Economic Forum
o Started in Brazil
Save the Children ! Child Save
Green Peace
1990: 6,000 NGOs
2003: 250,000 NGOs (international)
Amnesty International has over 1 million members
Eco-soc status: gives right to sit in UN meetings and give out information
Receive agendas
Can give views at meetings
First set up in 1968
o The authority was there in 1948
o ECOSOC resolution 1296
Amended and improved by ECOSO resolution 1996-31 in 1996
o Categorize in 3 groups
" General
" Special
" Roster
2005: 2013 NGOs with ECOSOC status
To get ECOSOC status
o The mandate of the NGO must deal with human rights and
o Must support the philosophy of the UN
o Must have a constitution witch sets out who your officers are,
must have an address with an office
Problems: GONGOS
o Government organized NGOs
NGO’s have won the Nobel Peace Prize
Methods used by NGOs
Advocacy- verbally, documents, films
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