INTD 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Unintended Consequences, Wage Labour

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Lecture 17: Poverty and Famine
12/16/12 9:22 AM
Theories and Causes of Famine
Food Availability Theories (FADs)
Sudden drop in food because of a natural disasters
Economics and Entitlements (Sen)
Entitlements (influenced livelihoods approach): commodities which
people can establish entitlement over
o Endowments
o Production possibilities: wage labour, opportunities for
employment, technology, knowledge, how you move from
endowments to entitlements
o Exchange conditions: relative prices
Prevention Possibilities
o Disease prevention
o Income substitution/employment
o Food/cash for work: less likely to undermine the self esteem
of the recipients
o Political Arrangements (unemployment insurance, antipoverty
o Production, diversification, economic growth
Politics and Famine
Marginal groups
Democracy (accountability, free press)
Role of Aid and donors (slow response, politics, media)
Conflict and War
Starving cities to gain advantage
Unintended consequence of conflict
Disrupts the production of food
Destroys crops
Undermines markets
Difficult to move food
Relief interventions are undermined
New Famines
Economic Liberalization
Complex Famines
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