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Lecture 15

Lecture 15: Food Security

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International Development
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INTD 200
Warren Allmand

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Lecture 15: Food Insecurity 12/16/12 9:22 AM Food Insecurity • Chronic under nutrition • Abnormal food shortage (famine) • Links directly to poverty and market relations Food security means that food is available at all times; that all persons have means of access to it; that it is nutritionally adequate in terms of quantity, quality and variety; and that it is acceptable within the given culture.” Food Insecurity vs. Famine Chronic under nutrition • Gender • HIV à feedback loop • Lack of agricultural technologies Widespread and seasonal à usually related to poverty u Prices go up for food Can happen in food export countries à about access Work for Food programs Importing food from other countries can decrease prices on locally produced products Looking at food security across the countries, doesn’t give you the full story
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