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Lecture 17

Lecture 17: Poverty and Famine

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International Development
INTD 200
Warren Allmand

Lecture 17: Poverty and Famine 12/16/12 9:22 AM Theories and Causes of Famine Malthusian Food Availability Theories (FADs) • Sudden drop in food because of a natural disasters Economics and Entitlements (Sen) • Entitlements (influenced livelihoods approach): commodities which people can establish entitlement over o Endowments o Production possibilities: wage labour, opportunities for employment, technology, knowledge, how you move from endowments to entitlements o Exchange conditions: relative prices • Prevention Possibilities o Disease prevention o Income substitution/employment o Food/cash for work: less likely to undermine the self esteem of the recipients o Political Arrangements (unemployment insurance, antipoverty programs) o Production, diversification, economic growth Politics
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