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Attacks on Human Rights

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McGill University
International Development
INTD 200
Warren Allmand

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5 2012 Attacks on Human Rights Attacks on the Concepts of Universal Human RightsAfter WWII there was enthusiasm for developing human rights instruments and as they moved in the 1980s and 1990s individuals and groups started to cite the new human rights instruments against their abusive governmentsThey would condemn their government in the press and other countries would condemn each other who werent living up to the standardsAs a result governments started trying to take exceptionsThey dealt with this in a number of ways o A doctrine of cultural relativism o Economic globalization o Abuse of emergency provision in the names of security o The continuing attack by some countries on economic social cultural and collective rightsCultural Relativism mainly Asian countries and military dictatorshipsThey expressed the opposition in terms of Asian valuesThey were starting to make speeches saying parts of the UDHR didnt apply to them because it was contrary to their believesvalues Indonesia china Burma Malaysia SingaporeThey said human rights is a new form of Western colonialismThe people in these countries disagreed with this cultural relativism concept their governments were trying to argueo Article 27 of the UDHR says that all people have a right to their cultural heritage and values and every state has the right to protect their unique culturelanguageheritagesocial relations marriage laws etc but they do not have the right to violate human rights in doing thisThis means the argument that Asian countries cultures arent being respected isnt true because they are as long as they arent infringing on other rightsEx Slavery was part of American culture until the 1860s and the guillotine was part of French culture until the 1960s but this doesnt give them the right to keep them if they infringe on human rights o This could be rebutted by looking at the UDHRs vote in 1948 the vote on the UDHR of the 48 countries only 13 of them were from the developed NorthWhen you look at the ratifications on ICCPR and ICESCR it is much greater and the great majority are not from the West
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