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COMS 230MEDIA AND DEMOCRACYMonday september 9thDEMOCRACY COMMUNICATIONTHE PUBLIC SPHERE 1 Readings C Wright Mills The Mass Society The Power Elite Oxford UP 1956 298324 John Durham Peters Historical tensions in the concept of public opinion in Public Opinion and the Communication of Consent Eds T Glasser and C Salmon Guilford Press 1995 314what is democracyrponses de la classe power of the peopleequal distribution of powerpower belongs to the people Diversity Difference Institutions that respect diversity etc Democratic principle economic democracyFree expression today democracy can mean many things 1 democracy as ideologydemocracy is us Self approvalcongratulation Refers to ourselves Contemporary western culture Vs they simply means good Stable good Vs marx etc identify ourselves against other part of the world tool of identificationused ideologically Operation usually in discourse speak characterize themselves Reduces the complexity of the world Invading how complicated the world isideology is not simply a lie Has to rest on grain of truth some little desire that get twisted into this claim than ends up distorting the complexity of the actual situation Something more in democracy that simply it to be us2 Democracy as liberalismset of individual freedomsconstitution fundamental freedoms necessary condition of democracy freedom of conscience and religion belief peaceful assembly association Canadian charter of rights and freedoms 19821 necessity but sufficient Is it enough to say that a country will be democratic if it respects this freedom Or is there moreLimitationsnegative individual liberties do not guarantee positive conditions for democracy Enable people to act on these freedoms consistently Ex freedom of expression State cant prevent you to speaking your mind Doesnt guarantee youll have the timeeducationaccessfor your speech to compete with the other voices in the society Not protected by individual rights In itself doesnt provide the perfect democracy to achieve these freedomsrights protect individuals from democratic majorities collectivities states and limit the reach of democracy At the root of it democratic life tension with democracy Democracy limits democracy La majorit democratique empche la minorit Democratic values cut directly on individual rights Electionsdemocracyenforce the will of majority on the others individual rights and freedoms are a necessary but not sufficient condition of democracy3 Democracy as capitalism Capitalism individual freedom to accumulate and dispose of property in marketsindividuals freedom of consumer choice becareful of the assumption democracyfree marketmarkets generate inequality Market economies are about accumulate more than someone else if I can Richer more capacity more power influenceFacilitate material inequalityinequality produced by free market VS equality sociopolitical required in democracytension markets cannot guarantee protection of the public interest actors who are seeking to maximize their own interest Behaviour that runs contrary to the collective public interest Do regulations standards Democratic limits on what market actors might otherwise choose to do We rely on them Market produces outcome VS collective public interest that democracy is supposed to represent 2Capitalists market historically accompany democracy but democracy cannot be reduced to free markets4 Democracy as governmentWe often identify democracy to a form of government People subject to have authority Autonomyself ruledGoverning themselves Government of the people by the people for the peopleLegislative assemblies eligibility for office majority decisionminority protection periodic election representation political parties campaings debates pollsAlmost impossible to imagine a democracy wout institutions like these Organized institutions for translating people opinionspreferences for how they want to be governed into lawsLimitsdistance btwn formal demo institution and actual democratic practice Setup to be democratic but way they operate not so democratic Parlement electedbound to their p parties How democratic is that Fail to be as demo as they were designed to beparticipation rates in formal a demo institution is relatively low Hard to invest government when so few people actually pratice citizenship much political activity takes place outside formal intitutions of government associations street not contained into these institutionswe have to go beyond them to be looking to what actual democracy is Tuesday September 11th5 Democracy as the public sphereWhat is public rponses de la classe Accessible open available to all Public concerns vs private Citizenship Free Ex public park Paid by the collectivity Universal accessibilitycapacity to pay shouldnt prevent someone from access Owned by us through the institution of the state TaxesReal location of democratic rightspublic sphere in which citizens encounter each other express debate criticize expose the operation of government Power public as exposed Transparent Public sphere is where people come together in common causes Democracy is what happen in the public sphereIdea of Publicness has a long history Meaning has shifted over time from one context to another Vs Private sphere of the home Primary concerns are for our private self Food shelter reproduction Private sphere of the market gathering resources gaining money VS public sphere in that sphere w different state of3
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