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ISLA 210 Lecture Notes - Marjane Satrapi, Taha Hussein, Al-Azhar University

Islamic Studies
Course Code
ISLA 210
Laila Parsons

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APRIL 16, 2012:
Palestine: a society and a nation. The loss of Palestine and their continuing plight as refugees,
and the fact that a holy site in Islam is in Jerusalem.
Egypt is one of the most important Muslim cultural centre home to Al Azhar
Iran- most important Shi-ite cemanaries
There are many types of ways in which Islam is expressed: Jibrti is an example of rigourous
training who saw things through the integrity of the word, Ali HAshemi was raised in a shi’ites
cemenary and learns the joy of scepticism and debate, and marjane satrapi has a very intense
relationship with god and prophecy.
Islamic education- howzehs, al-zahar for muslim textual tradition
Was a backdrop of the course. It was an occupying force
Napolean’s invasion, his experts were the first people to map the building of the Nile, for the
Suez Canal
In Iran, the effects of the Shah’s westernizations “mini skirts and dams” but also education,
*passage in Mantle where Ali Hashemi is walking though Tehran and look at the posters of
scantily clad women, etc. “Even the construction seemed lewd” shows the sense of an invasion
of a different culture
Arab spring- effect of the West’s support of authoritarianism.
Mossedat Coup- an example of US and Britain stepping in to eliminate democracy and put in a
pro-western leader
Linked to the new secular education in the region (ex. Taha Hussein at the new University,
rejection of the traditional system because he had this idea of himself as modernizing) , Jabra A.
Jabra’s new secular school that affirmed Palestinian nationalism but repressed religion
WOMEN: (an integral part of the society, but she doesn’t want to make it a key theme, just
weaving them into the story as an active part of the situation)
Attitudes in mainstream media in the west about women comes from a strange western
obsession with Islam as “the other,” and this is expressed most powerfully through the lens of
Ex. Leila Ahmed goes to the US, meet white American feminists
Tahrir square, exodus of Palestinian refugees, Shah’s army firing ammunition into the crowd in
Muslim societies are not in a constant state of upheaval as this may portray
The seriousness of these events to peoples life- ammunition, mass arrests, exodus, execution
(Hoveyda?), etc. This is linked in the minds of many in the region to the legacy of colonialism.
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