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Lecture 2

ISLA 210 Lecture 2: Isla 210_Lecture 02

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McGill University
Islamic Studies
ISLA 210
Khalid Medani

find more resources at Isla 210/Lecture 02 Islam solution of political ills/alternative Failure of secular regimes ● Islamist Politics Role of symbolism Control of institutions both formal and informal (ex: islamic charities, ngo’s) ● Modern Revival Islamism Context with ex-colonial states Organisation of capitalist economies ● Resurgence in Islamic Activism Straight path of Islam 1970’ down of economy, inequalities ● Islam is the Solution ? Centrality of Pakistan, Bengladesh, Indonesia Iranian revolution = Showing possibility of a successful Islamic state (Quest of authenticity/identity) + overcome secular ruling, corruption ● Al-Nahda Al-Islamiyya : Renaissance Return to Islamic law Notion of da3wa Return Islam to the hearts and souls New moral order ● Modern Werberian State Privileges religion for legislation Prophet’s Medina = Model of pure Islamic state ● Islamic
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