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Lecture 3

ISLA 210 Lecture 3: Discussion.Ahmed

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McGill University
Islamic Studies
ISLA 210
Malek Abisaab

Discussion Sept. 27, 2017 1. What was the impact of the political-military organizations of Islamic societies (under the Umayyad [661-750 andAbbasid dynasties [750-1258]) on gender relations and status of women? 2. Ahmed argues that because practices that debased women were adopted by the ruling culture and class, they came to be treated over the centuries, as inherent to Islam and its message. Explain. In abbasid society women were conspicuous for their absence from all arenas of the communitys central affairs. In the records relating to this period they are not to be found, as they were in the previous era, either on battlefield or in mosques, nor are they described as participants in or key contributors to the cultural life and productions of their society. Henceforth, women of the elite and bourgeois classes would liv
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