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Italian (Arts)
ITAL 374

Classic Italian Cinema Umberto D. Bitter Rice Bitter Rice - none of the characters are sympathetic - camera embodies and manifests the desire - forces us to reflect on our postions as spectators - very keen to capture movement of the crowd - the dancing is central, but there are many scenes - women- large group come into the station The other side of the it – Ideology - issue of strange dichotomy - clearly challenges the fairly predictable - tries to present in a way that makes you forget you are watching the film - use the camera very differently - different than trad. Neorealism - embody the ideology of this film Ideology: - film begins and ends with a narration – making you understand what the film is trying to say - narrator announces at the beginning of the movie: seasonal work of women – 40 days. All across northern Italy to go to northwestern Italy to work. - To plant the rice and make sure it is set - Provokes documentary mode, the beginning of the film, action represented is rally what is happening… - Soundtrack of trad. Songs. Accompagnied their work, these songs were collected in post war Italy - Element that really signals the issue - Womens work is not usual the focus of neo relaisnt usually mens work - EXPLOITATION Exploitatiom - landlords are using the women, room and board very primitive - basically fed rice throughout the period - they work for a kilo of rice a day - womens cheap labour - landownings are in the background in the film The working class and the dynamic and the way to produce a situation where the working class can act in solidarity - LEFT important theme - The key of the film This theme dominates the narrative across the film, gets into the reign of Key moment when ideological methods takes over the screen: CLIP #1: conflict of the non contract vs unionized worker BREAKDOWN Fight Key theme: solidarity among workers, conflict where marco is in the middle. Marco: heroic, revolutionary face, symbol of status quo and he is a soldier. He gets them to go from conflict to solidarity. Pol
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