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Lecture 17

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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 330
David J Pearsall

1120 EDKP330  Weight lifting may not be suitable for young children  Strength training is beneficial for older adults to stay independent  Testosterone is important for muscle growth Anabolic steroids  Common in body building and track athletes  Side effects  Increase masculine effect  Reduce testicle size  Hypertension  Increased fluid retention  High cholesterol, low HDL  Behavioral change (roid rage, temper)  Sharing needles (AIDS)  Steroids may be masked by technology now, therefore banking blood is required if future technology is able to detect  To get people off steroid, should be gradual  Strength training is beneficial when combined with aerobic training  Muscle is more dense than fat Flexibility  Range of motion at particular joint  Passive flexibility: ROM when others move body part for you  Active flexibility: ROM you can achieve using own body  Flexibility is very specific. Some joints may be flexible and some may not. Flexibility should be included in strength training program.  Flexibility can be improved quickly (short time period)  Benefits of flexibility  Improved physical performance  Prevent injury  Stretching to improve  ROM is affected by genetics, age, gender, activity  Static stretching (without movement)  Stretch as far as possible and hold  Safe and effective  Can be active or passive  Ballistic stretch  Muscle stretched by concentrically contracting opposing muscle group  Not recommended; elicits stretch reflex  Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)  Requires partner to passively stretch and resist to contract opposing muscle  Very effective  Flexibility can be increased by stretch for 30 se
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