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McGill University
Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 330
David J Pearsall

12/16/2012 2:43:00 PM Being active for at least 60 minutes/day help children  Improve their health  Do better in school  Improve fitness  Grow stronger  Have fun playing with friends  Feel happier  Maintain a healthy body weight  Improve their self-confidence  Learn new skills Children 4-12  factors with a positive association w/ PA o Gender  BOYS!! o Belief in ability to be active  Self efficacy o Parental support  Sedentary parents are more likely to have sedentary children Adolescence 13-18  Factors with a positive association w/ PA o Parental education  Higher degree of education for parents = more PA children o Gender  BOYS o Personal goals o PE classes/school sport o Belief in ability to be active  Self efficacy o Support of friends and family Environmental influences positively associated w/ PA  Presence of sidelwalks  Having a destination/walking to a particular place  Access to public transportation  Low traffic density  Access to neighborhood or school play area/recreational equipment  At least 30 min/week o 90% boys, 93% females  60 min/week- guide lines o 50% boys ¾ girls  60 min 3 day/week o 53% boys, 35% girls  60 min 6 days/week o 9% boys, 4% girls  we need to be concerned about this data We want to accumulate at least 13,500 steps a day  Only 27% of people achieve this At least 13,500 6 days/week  5% f children meet this  see that boys are 2x more likely to meet criteria than girls 12-17 are the most important age group to look at  higher risk of becoming obese adults  almost a 3x increase in rate of obesity in adolescnce o we aren’t setting kids up for a life time of healthy living Flexibiliyt  improved with age Aerobic fitness (mile run)  Boys have had a significant improvement with age  Girl see an smaller improvement and plateau earlier Canadian PA guidelines  5-11 yrs o 60 min mod-vig intensity/ day  vig 3x per week  strength muscle/bone- 3x/week o more PA = more health improvements Canadian sedentary behavior guidelines (first people to develop this)  5-11 o limiting recreational screen time to <2hrs /day  lower levels are associated with increased health benefits o limited sedentary transport, extending sitting and timee spent
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