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Lecture 7

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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 330
David J Pearsall

10/8/2012 10:50:00 AM Tests of VO2max  Max testing- max effort o 2.4km run favors runners (sport specific)  not recommended for women >55/men >45  assessed based on time to complete run/walk  should take part in ~6week exercise program before o 12 min run/swim test sport specific  affected by skill level  results are general approx o astrand-rhyming test  used in lab setting  uses bicycle ergometer  once reach symptom limited max. = VO2max  should only be used on healthy young indiv.  Sub-max testing o 1.6km (1mile) test  underestimate VO2max  find VO2max using FICKS EQN (VO2max = MAX HR x SV x AVO2 dif) o step test  least time consuming  HR taken 5-20 sec. after completion  Reasons o Look for cardiovascular fitness o Aerobic capacity o Older people: VO2max needed in oder to live independently: 25 ml/kg/min  Not always plausible o Not available o Time consuming o Sport specific  i.e. treadmill test not good for swimmers o Max testing  Too stressful  Risk for certain indv (those w/ diseases, older people) Note: gender plays a large role in VO2 max  Females can NOT reach the same potential as men Interpreting results  Males: Good 33-52.9 (depending on age) o Excellent 38-53 (depending on age)  Females: Good 31-48.9 (depending on age) o Excellent 35-49 (depending on age) Oxygen uptakes can predict caloric expenditure in aerobic activities 10/8/2012 10:50:00 AM There is an associated O2 cost with a given intensity of exercise (work load)  O2 deficit (beginning stage) o We are not yet meeting the demands of O2 of our body during first 5 min of exercise  HR increases to a “steady flow state” in order to have sufficient supply of O2 for body  Recovery (end stage) o Our body returns to equilibrium (HR, SV, AVO2 difference)  Must return the O2 debt: we consume more O2 during recovery then is needed for our muscle „s metabolic demand (muscles not working as hard, but heart is still
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