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Lecture 15

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McGill University
Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 330
David J Pearsall

1162012 20700 PM Mental health state of wellbeing in which individual realizes hisher own abilities can cope with normal stresses of life can work productively and fruitfully and is bale to make a contribution to his or her communityMental disordersIncreased occurance with ageInclude emotional and behavioral symptoms Top 5 most costly disorders o Primarily due to decpreased productivity due to depressionRF ModifiablePIA o Just enoughgood o Too much increased aggravation on existing mental health probSubstance abuseLow selfesteem o Neg feelings of ones capabilities goals accomplisgments and relationships with othersDistress o Perceptions ofability to cope w various stressors of life can positively or negatively affect funtion of CNS and adoption of pos or neg health behaviorsNegative lifestyle behaviorsNonmodifiableAgeSex o WomenmenHeredityUndergoing traumatic experiencesChronic medical conditionsPAMental disorders3 ways may be used
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