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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 350
Celena Scheede- Bergdahl

11262012 52500 PM Muscular strength ability of a muscle group to develop max contractile force against a resistance in a single contractionForce determined by velocity o Max force0 velocityMuscular endurance ability of a muscle group to exert SUBmaximal force for extended periods of timeAssessed via static or dynamic contractions o Static isometric no change in joint angle o Dynamic change in joint angleConcentricInternalexternalmuscle shortensDec joint angleEccentricInternalexternalmuscle lengthensInc joint angleBreaking mechanism decelerate body segmentIsokineticConstant velocity throughout ROM during maximal contractionsResistance is variableUses machinery the most force generated occurs bw 160170 degree joint angleAssessing strengthenduranceIsometric muscle testing strength measured at max force exerted in a SINGLE contraction against immovable resistance o MVIC maximal voluntary isometric contraction o DevicesDynamometersCan be used with hands legs backDetermines static muscular strengthAdding LR legshandsback divide by body weight kg x 100Cable tensiometers
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