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McGill University
Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 350
Celena Scheede- Bergdahl

11/26/2012 7:16:00 PM Relative body fat: used for classification of body fatness  % body fat Fat values vary with  age  gender  activity status Body composition assessment is also good for  Estimating healthy body weight  Formulating nutritional recommendations  Estimating competitive weight for athletes  Identifying those at risk of being under- or overweight  Assessing changes associated with aging, malnutrition, and certain diseases  Assessing effectiveness of nutrition and exercise interventions in counteracting changes identified above Body composition model  2 components (2c) o Categorizes body mass into  Fat body  Fat free body (FFB)  Water, muscle (protein), bone  Foundation of hydrodensitometry (under-water weighing)  FFBd: depending mainly on relative proportions of water and mineral  Varies w/ age, gender, ethnicity, level of BF, PA level o Negative %BF: comes from a higher than assumed body density o %BF of those with lower than assumed Db will be overestimated using 2c model  Multicomponent model o Account for mineral & water contribution o Improved estimation of BF  Reference methods o Densitometry  Db estimation from ratio of body mass to body volume  Db= BM/BV  2 methods  hyrostatic weighing (HW)  BV must be corrected for residual lung volume (RV) and gastrointestinal air (GV) o Error < 1%  significantly increases if you don’t correct these  Measure displacement of water BV proportional but opposite to displacement of water  2 model: fat free mass, fat mass  air displacement plethysmography (ADP)  bod pod  pressure- volume relationships  BOYLES LAY to estimate BV  less time consuming & more accommodating than HW  controls for isothermal effects (friction) o dual energy Xray absorptiometry (DXA)  measure BV and calculates Db from that  estimates bone mineral, fat and lean soft-tissue mass  composition varies depending on manufacturer, model, software version  safe, rapid, minimal client cooperation 
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