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Lecture 3

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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 443
Gordon Bloom

Introduction 10112012 25900 PM Elite sport is inherently stressfulFALSE o How athletes interpret situations is the key factor that will determine whether or not they experience stress and what level of stressStressStress response o Physiological cognitive affective and behavioral reactions to demanding situationsFIGHT OR FLIGHTProcess o Links situational demands to an athletes reaction to the situation to the outcome of the experienceMost cognitiveDefinitionStress experience that is produced through a personsituation relationship that is perceived as taxing or exceeding the athletes resources Stressor external events forces or situations that have the potential to be interpreted as stressful o Something that happens to you that causes stress to happenConcept of stressCognitive appraisal an individuals interpretation of a situationstress its all about how you think about it ie mind set o Primary appraisal evaluation of what is at stake in the situationEncounter is relevant to ones goals values and beliefs ex entrance exam for med school o Secondary appraisal evaluation of what can be done in the situationAbility to manage prevent or adapt to encounter o Can result in 3 types of stressHarmloss appraisal of situation in which psychological damage has already been done and cannot be reverse eg Being cut from a teamSomething bad has happenedThreat appraisal of situation results in the anticipation of harm that has no yet occurred eg Race car driver crashingSomething bad could happenChallenge appraisal of situation results in the interpretation of potential benefits from succeeding in a situation eg Competing against a stronger opponentSomething may be difficult but doing it will be rewardingone may be more prominent then others but you can have 2 or more at the same time o Stress can be beneficial and harmfulEustress good stress useful for performance and well being to a certain extentDistress bad stress results in limited mental emotional and physiological functions when stress is too highstress allows you to be hypedjacked for the event good note in order to deal with stress you MUST HAVE THE RIGHT MIND SETHow you think about a situations affects the behavior during that situationHans Selye born 1907Attended Johns Hopkins Uni on a Rockefeller foundation scholarship in 1931Researching stress at mcgill 1936Defined GAS General Adaption SyndromeBody passes through 3 stages when exposed to stress o Fight or flight o Resistance to stress
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