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EDKP 498
Gordon Bloom

Nature of Team Building 10/14/2012 7:11:00 AM Team building  Method of helping group to o Increase effectiveness o Satisfy needs of the members o Improve work conditions  Team enhancement for both social and task purposes  Team building is important for both business and industry setting  Can be discussion or activity Neuman, Edwards, rau  Organizations believed that team building was most effective technique in changing individual’s satisfaction and attitudes Benefits of Team Building 10/14/2012 7:11:00 AM A close effective group produces the following characteristics  Team leadership is coherent  Members understand/accept their roles  Team is emotionally dedicated toward collective achievements  Positive energetic empowering climate is present  Meetings are efficient in terms of time and resources  Weakness in team capability are diagnosed and reduced/eliminated NY giants  Example of a Powerful way to bring the team together and focus on one goal o Coach showed the team a video of a cross country athlete who had to crawl across the finish line to win the race for her coach who was diagnosed with a serious disease Team building in exercise setting  Interventions significantly enhanced cohesion in group exercise settings Team building in sport setting  Interventions were less successful in enhancing levels of cohesions  Explanation: intervention was not complex enough  use team building interventions to increase cohesion may be more effective in exercise setting   conceptual framework to understand what you can do to create activities that will bring people together, make them feel distinct, and increase people’s role clarity and leadership skills Team building programs in sport 10/14/2012 7:11:00 AM vSport setting  Team structure o Role clarity (accept/understand role in team) o Leadership (influences task/social cohesion) o Conformity to standards (and group norms)  Team environment o Togetherness (close physical proximity) o Distinctiveness (presence contributes to group cohesiveness)  Team processes o Sacrifices (from high status members) o Goals and objective (group goals instead of individual are associated with cohesion) o Cooperation (superior to individualistic behaviour) Exercise setting  Group structure o Individual positions (encourage memebers to keep same positions throughout the year) o Group norms (group goals, encourage friendship)  Group environment o Distinctiveness (group name, t-shirts, letterman jackets)  Group process o Sacrifices (sacrificing own interests for good of the group) o Interaction and communication (use more partner activities) Indirect approach  Coach/group leader is educated about team building from outside source and then employs strategies with their own team o Coach is MORE INVOLVED  Approach is indirect must filter through coach/leader  Carron – 4 stage indirect team building approach o Introduction: explain benefits of group cohesion o Conceptual: provide conceptual model of team dynamic o Practical: brainstorm to generate team building strategies o Intervention stage: application of team building strategies by coach/leader Direct approach  Intervention specialist works directly w/ team members on team building o Responsible to introducing and implementing team building interventions directly with team  Athletes have active role  Yukelson’’s 4 stage direct team building o Assessment of situaion  Observe  Listen  Talk to coaches/athletes/trainers o Education  Provide overview of group/how they develop  Explain importance of team building o Brainstorming  Identify target areas for team improvement o Establishing intervention Bloom & stevens article  Direct approach to team building in sprot setting o Season-long team building intervention w/ NCAA Div. 1 women’s equestrian team  Equestrian o Fasting growing sport in NCAA o Title IX- government ruling that says:  Gender equality- Must treat women same as men in college sport  Same amount of scholarships  Created this program b/c there wasn’t any sport like football available for girls o Season oct-may o Any issues with athlete will cause issues with horse o Experienced coach, new program to school o Many issues with cohesion bloom implemented team building exercises to bring them together  Assessment o Discussion w/ coaches  In order to understand team climate  Ensure coaches don’t feel left out, let them know they will be included in intervention  Using Direct approach but still keeping coaches heavily involved  If a coach is unwilling to m
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