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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 498
Gordon Bloom

Group cohesion 10/13/2012 5:22:00 PM Group dynamics Gaining knowledge about nature of groups and their development and on understanding the interrelationships between groups and their individuals, b/w groups, and b/w groups and larger institutions Note: a group is more than just a collection of individuals Team is different then a group Group in terms of cohesion refers to a team rather than a group of individuals Assembly effect: variations in group behaviour that are a function of the combinations of individuals in the group Negative team cohesion Kobe Byran & Shaq o Won 3 NBA titles for LA lakers (2000-2002) o In 2003 season, both players got into a feud and team ranked 5 th Very public argument Detrimental effect on team cohesion in turn this affected team performance Shaq traded the following year Did not win another championship until 7yrs later individual members may affect the decision of other members to stay on the team Positive team cohesion Gretzky o Many stars on the oilers, but they all realized that they all contributed something to winning which allowed them to work together regardless of the publicity one player may get over another. o All the players respected one another and respected the position each person had on the team Mark messier: never felt like I was playing in gretzkys shadow. I had a responsibility on the team that was different from waynes. everyone had his role and I felt great about mine Knute Rockne- head coach of notre dam o Clear example of what is important to a coach teammates that get along can play well with each other o secret to winning football games is working more as a team, less as individuals. I may not play my eleven best, but my best eleven Michael Jordan (Chicago bulls) o Won many awards and scoring titles while his team was still losing Team known as Michael and the air jordans o Team revolved around Michael until Phil Jackson became their coach Key to success was sitting down with Jordan and saying do you like winning championships j- yes. Do you want to win one? J-yes. Well if you want to win one you must score less, can you do that? j- yes. By responding yes to the last question was the key to success Made Michael pass the ball more, allowing the offence to spead out and bring other players up to their full potential. Michael was still the star and the most talented byt it took more pressure off him and allowed others to improve he built team cohesion b/w the group allowing the bulls to win a championship (Michaels first one) Phil Jackson- the strength of the wolf is the back, and the strength of the pack is the wolf Bond of players is what determines strength of the team Cohesion is crucial for success, can also be an asset in business Cohesion: dynamic process which is reflected in the tendancy for a group to stick together and remain united in the pursuit of its instrumental objective and/or satisfaction of member affective needs- carron Resultant of all forces acting on members to remain in the group - festinger Characteristics 10/13/2012 5:22:00 PM Four key characteristics of cohesion Dynamic o Reasons for joining and staying on a team change over time Instrumental o Reasons why a group forms contribute to how cohesive the group will be In group sport, you want the players to be there first and foremost for the team Affective relationship o Groups often have emotional connections that contribute to cohesion Good coaches know the inter-workings of the team and who are getting along with whom and who arent. The best team has players that care for each other Multidimensional o Many factors that contribute to creation and maintenance of cohesion Different teams have different issues
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