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Lecture 21

LING 320 Lecture 21: ling320_03.28.17

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LING 320
Charles Boberg

03/28/17 LING 320 LECTURE 21: LGBTQ Linguistics - rapid anonymous work difficult to gather and keep unbiased with gender questions Feminist / Socio-Cultural Account - 1960s/70s - idea that men have less self-confidence in linguistic abilities - women traditionally trusted with “keeping up appearances” - supervising behaviour of children - keeping up image of household, children etc. - maintaining standards of correct language is as much a part of a woman’s function in this system as maintenance of other social standards - greater use of prestige forms - greater use of innovative forms: require social meaning as markers of local identity - demonstrate membership by using social forms, women may use this to make social bonds - clear relationship between language usage and female vs male employment - more jobs associated with women are centralized around language use Entertainment - shows in 1950s and 60s made to appeal to the whole family - now there is an extreme division of entertainment targeted for men and women separately - two types of movies/categories emphasize
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