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Lecture 9

LING 320 Lecture 9: ling320_04.04.17

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LING 320
Charles Boberg

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LING 320 LECTURE X: LANGUAGE PLANNING Types: - status planning: altering the status of language(s) in the country - corpus planning: closely related to status planning, involves adaptations in the form of the language (e.g. developing a written form, standardization, etc.) - acquisition planning: implementation of language planning in educational contexts Difficulties - languages are often resistant to government influence - e.g. example of Esperanto, a created “lingua franca” that was rejected, and the role of English took its place - e.g. example of Irish suffers at the expansion of English Successes - revival of Hebrew to be the official language of Israel (stronger connection with Jewish history and identity; chosen as language of new republic) Challenges - managing the emergence of English as a lingua franca - agreement of additive rather than subtractive bilingualism - gain advantages of international language without losing the cultural value and linguistic diversity among cultures across the world - emergence is related to phenomenon of globalization - possibility of addressing an international/global audience, people wanted to do that, using English as a lingua franca - academic, political, commercial etc. - challenge of language planners is maintenance of local languages alongside English - enough prestige and pressure coming from English will result in deterioration of minority languages, results in language shift and a loss of local languages - immigrant populations seeking socioeconomic advancement flock to English as a tool - future projections of English - case of Latin, where it had become the daily language of ordinary life across Europe, but eventually divided into French, Spanish etc. and Latin declined to the point of being dead - will this eventually
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