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Lecture 5

LING 320 Lecture 5: ling320_01.24.17

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McGill University
LING 320
Charles Boberg

01/24/2017 LING 320 LECTURE 5: - isogloss bundle “transition zone” between high and low german Maps and Dialect Geography - some areas of France have not undergone addition of an initial vowel before latin /sk/ words like skola, which in most of France changed into eskol, and later, the modern French école - relic areas in which the initial vowel was not added are normally found along mountian ranges (pyrinees) and areas of contact with other languages/cultures - another barrier of communication/settlement in the middle of France - shows that the dialect changes do not diffuse over geographic features and barriers - diffusion of changes across the landscape also identified in maps Traditional Dialects in England - very large areas in SW traditionally retained the r in words like north, start - NE also had areas of r retention - only areas of central England, around London dropped the r - considerable changes in modern dialects, r retention restricted more to the south west of the country, NE and NW region dropping r - result of dialect shift, due to the spread of this r vocalization phenomenon over to other areas of the country Dialectology - dialect lexicography (traditional) - variation across space shown in maps/atlases etc. - can group together bundles of isoglosses showing variation in different regions Sociophonetics - way of studying variation in speech by looking at acoustic phonetic analysis in variation - breakthrough is sound spectrography (formal analysis of a sound wave) around WWII - allows study of frequencies of human speech (beyond the fundamental frequency of the pitch of the speaker’s voice) - spectrograph shows chan
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