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Lecture 15

LING 320 Lecture 15: ling320_03.07.17

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McGill University
LING 320
Charles Boberg

Chapter 3 03/07/17 LING 320 LECTURE 15: Pidgins and Creoles / Language Contact Phenomena Midterm Review: - #1 competence vs performance - #5 index of vernacular culture helps identify overt and covert social norms - orderly heterogeneity* Lingua Franca - a common means of communication between speakers of a single speech community/ countries/inter-community contact etc. - contact language: evolve when people don’t have the opportunity to learn a lingua franca, and a compromise language is created - diglossia: a power differential (perceived or otherwise) of a “high code” used for specific purposes and a “low code” used more in daily culture - code switching: alternation of codes within a context of speech - borrowing: transfer of linguistic elements from language to another (eg. loanwords) - most common/prominent example of a lingua franca today is English English as a Lingua Franca - used as a symbol of social interest and prestige - common language for tourism - common for academic writing - travel information/airports often bilingual with language of the country and english - some people are not comfortable with the level of bilingualism in their country/locality - e.g. Quebec with specific resistance/opposition to bilingualism that includes english - serves an important inter-language/lingua franca to serve as a global interconnector Pidgins - coming into contact with other languages as adults rather than as children - e.g. trade/commercial purposes has contact between languages without much transfer - develop limited communication systems for commercial purposes (prices/supplies/ directions etc.) - slavery and other situations of forced displacement of people entering areas of forcible work in a certain language (often in the dominant language of colonialization) becomes the means of communication amongst workers - this results first of all in a pidgin - lexifier: of the pidgin, supplies the lexical entries of the pidgin, are the overwhelming and imposing common language - pidgins are no one’s native language and are used in a certain function as a 2nd languauge of people who speak a different native language - bare minimum of syntactic sturcture / morphology, and a simplified/reduced phonology - e.g. English: I went to the market yesterday in order to speak with him. - possible translation in any pidgin: me go makit yestadi mi spik him - well adapted, very successful languages for the purposes of which they were developed - only serves as a means of communication, is an intelligent, well-adapted response in an emergency situation - can continue for centuries if required, or die out with time Chapter 3 03/07/17 Creoles - creolization: construction of a rule-governed language from a pidgin language - creole: a pi
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