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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Sept 7 - Review: - Intuitions maybe don't get us as far as we would like to understanding language (we need to study systematically in order to understand properly) The Early Traditional Model pt. 2 - Broca's area = production of speech - Wernicke's area = comprehension of speech - arcuate fasciculus connects the two - Youtube of Broca's aphasiac: doesn't fit with our model -> they can produce words, but they're slow in accessing lexicon and not really able to speak grammatically - slide 14 (intro) - our focus is on bullet number four: how is language instantiated in the brain - break language into phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax - Phonetics: the study of the inventory and the structure of speech sounds (not crying/laughing/sneezing) - describing physiological mechanisms involved in articulating sounds (where are your tongue, lips, teeth when you speak) - IPA used to transcribe language - Phonology: the elements and paterns of how things work in specific languages - phonemes = contrastive sounds in a language that differentiate words in terms of their meaning - cat and rat begin with distinct phonemes - also looks at how particular sounds pattern together (slish and screnk vs *srish and *screpk) - Phonetic: general to all language, physical description of sound. - Phonologic: specific to languages, mental representation, description of sound interrelation and function - Morphology: study of words (eg derivation)morphemes = smallest units of meaning that form words
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