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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Sept 16 - animal spirits = "entities" that enable movement of muscles and nerves - Descartes chose the pineal gland as the place where the soul and body meet because there's only one, and it's close to the ventricles - John Hewlings Jackson was against the modularity of language because he studied patients - we can't trick our perceptual systems, so even if we know it's an illusion, our perception is still duped - garden path: the old man the boat - we put "the old man" together, even though "man" is the verb - semantics are different from syntax. "colorless green ideas sleep furiously" is syntactically well-formed, but makes no sense. "big blue flowers blossom frequently" is the same syntactically, but makes sense. - sometimes, sentences prime us for particular contexts: "fbi" + "bug" = electronic bug. "spider" + "bug" = creepy crawly - test reaction times: your lexical access is content-insensitive (priming doesn't make you react any quicker) at time one (after "bugs"), but it does have an effect at time two (under the desk/in the corner) - you compare the reaction time within th
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