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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Sept 23 - once you have the data/images, what to do? - preprocessing: 1) slice time correction (the scanner takes time to slice) 2) motion correction (makes sure that it accounts for movement both during the scan and between scans) 3) normalization (fit each subject's brain to a standard brain so that you can compare everyone's brain) 4) smoothing (makes functional data neaterso that it's more reliable/consise) - then we create a design matrix containing the timing of the trials and the names of different conditions in ofder to estimate the Hemodynamic Response Function (HRF) - after modeling HRF, we can do some statistics to look at where the activation is located for a specific condition - you can look at one particular space - EEG (electroencephalogram) = coarse measure of brain activity. represents mixed conglomeration of different neural sources of activity (spontaneous activity + ERPs) - Equipment: electrodes, amplifier, computer (funny hat with gel) - The basis of the signal: - coarse EEG = the original little squiggles - ERP (event-related potentials) = electrical potentials associated with specific events; systematic voltage changes in the EEG signal that reflect the brain's processing of an event - pyramidal cells with a dipole structure (have positive and negative parts) are the ones that generate EEG signals - EEG = change in voltage in POST-synaptic neuron - postsynaptic potentials are confined to the dendrites and the soma of the cell - they used to think that they were measuring presynaptic, but they go too quick - temporal resolution is VERY good, but spatial resolution is not very good - Key design concepts - oddball paradigm: you
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