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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Sept 30 - What areas are involved in vocal processing? - collected vocal sounds (speech and nonspeech) and nonvocal sounds (industrial and musical sounds) - they then did a vowel-based analysis of (vocal sounds - nonvocal sounds): this asks where there is a greater signal for vocal sounds than nonvocal sounds - four conditions: speech, nonspeech, scrambled speech and scrambled nonspeech - they found that there was a significantly greater activation for speech in all areas - most of the time when you have gyrus activation, you have some sulcus activation too - the only time that activation was higher for scrambled nonspeech than nonspeech was in the anterior superior gyrus/sulcus - maybe this is more specific to speech? - speech doesn't have to be in their native language - there's one area that's selective/specific to vocal processing - we're looking at time course and where phonological differences appear - it's kind of hard to disentagle phonetcs from phonology, but there was a design invented to try and look at whether primary auditory cortex is sensetive - Phonological Categories of the Brain - Method: MEG - Experimental trick: oddball paradigm (cows and ghosts) - many = standard, few = deviant/oddbal
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