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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Oct 7 - for living things, it's the shared features that are highly correlated. for non-living things, it's the distinctive features that are highly correlated - neurobiology of words: there is competition between lexical hypothesis since there is a delay in reaction time (RT) to a word preceeded by a similar word - you prime a subject with a word that is similar to the target word, and then it takes longer for them to decide if it's a word or a non-word - inhibited activation: give someone the word "spinach." the target (spin) is initially activated and then supressed. so when you actually give someone "spin," it takes longer for them to reactivate it, causing a delay. (prevents delayed lexical access to the target) - so inhibited recognition is a competition between processing the target representation (so spin will be activated by spinach, ) (does not predict delayed lexical access, just predicts competition) - can we test these predictions? - M350 is an index of initial lexical access. component peaks 350 ms post stimulus onset. it's found in the superior temporal cortex - inhibited activation prediction: M350 should show up later than normal - inhibited recognition: M350 should show up earlier than normal - reaction time and M350 are not the same thing - we're doing this to explain the delay in reaction time between spinach and spin and not between spinach and jacket - does it matter if it's the onset that matches, or wouold it work for "teacher" and "reach" - we need a control condition so that we have something to compare reaction time to, otherwise the date is meaningless - for onset-matching, there's a delayed M350, but for non-onset matching, there's earlier M350 (and less of a delayed RT) - Summary: slide 50 - onset matching is consistent with Inhibited Activation b/c of delayed M350. non-onset matching is consistent with Inhibited Recognition - s
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