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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Oct 21 - Friedmann - very important reading - Gerschwind's model is wayyyy too simple - this class is to be all about production errors - this theory, the one of production, does not apply to comprehension - is Broca's aphasia generalized or specific? It's specific: not an across-the-board deficit - you need to look at cross-linguistic data: just looking at one language does not cover all the different kinds of structure so that we can see the errors that people make in different languages. Otherwise it's language-specific, and you can't generalize it to people of all languages - slide 7 - Hypothesis: all functional elements are impaired in Broca's aphasia - why is there sometimes omission and sometimes substituted? this is because some laguages allow you to omit morphology, and some will only allow for substitution - this hypothesis is wrong - some elements are maintained - H2: the deficits can be best characterized by deficits in inflection - to test this: DV = errors in production; IV = tense and agreement inflection in Hebrew; tasks: sentence completion and sentence repetition - 48% errors for
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