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Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

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Nov 9 - two different accounts for comprehension deficits (tdh) and production deficits (tph) - crosslinguistic investigations: chinese - the relative clause presceeded the head of the relative clause, which made it different than English - there was no theta role since the trace is deleted, and the head is clause final, so the strategy is different - however, it's still consistent with TDH - fMRI in healthy individuals - predictions we can make: broca's area is activated when we make movement - would working memory hypothesis predict that Broca's area is activated with no matter what kind of movement? no, not if it's string vacuous - if the working memory hypothesis is correct, we could expect that there's more activation the further the thing moves - activation can not give us a causal relationship: just because it's being engaged doesn't mean that it's necessary to perform the task Dimesions of fMRI: - Location: where in the brain are we seeing activation? - Intensity: relative signal that we see in ea
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